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Sanvean is an upcoming site dedicated to the music and art of Dead Can Dance, the musical partnership of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. Sanvean is itself an artistic expression, a somewhat abstract vision inspired by the work of Dead Can Dance. The site should launch some time in April or May 1998, coinciding with the release of Lisa Gerrard's second solo album "Duality".

This preview takes four of DCD's songs and reinterprets them into visual works that attempt to capture some of the spirit of the music. It also gives you an idea of what the visual quality of Sanvean will be like. Even this preview is not fully done, there are plans to make the lyrics non-static and more interactive.

You will need a JavaScript capable browser to view this preview of the Sanvean site. After clicking the "open preSanvean" link above, if you do not see the preview in a floating window than you do not have a JavaScript capable browser or you have JavaScript turned off.

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-August 1998

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*footnote - Since the breakup of the group further work on the larger site has, sadly, ceased. A more interactive Flash based version of this exibit will be launched in early 2003 as a final revision.